Happy Birthday Griffon!

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Happy Birthday Griffon!

Hello everyone,

This past September 10th Griffon celebrated its 7th birthday! It's been a fun journey so far. We're grateful for everyone that has sent us their feedback, ideas, code, and help.

The journey began back in JavaOne 2008 (June) when Danno Ferrin, James Williams, Guillaume Laforge and myself got together to discuss a crazy idea: what if Grails could be used to create desktop applications, using SwingBuilder instead of HTML. A few months later Danno had the first release ready (http://shemnon.com/speling/2008/09/announcing-griffon-00-1.html); this release was a fork of the Grails 1.1 codebase, removing HTML in favor of SwingBuilder. The reaction from the Groovy community was outstanding as always (we're a very friendly bunch ;-) thus we continued down the path that we had set forth and added more and more features until we reached the golden 1.0 (announced live on stage at Gr8conf 2012). The availability of Griffon in Action was also announced on that day.

After a couple of fix point releases the team adopted the measure of guaranteeing releases every 3 months, which is the scheme we've kept to this day. While Griffon 1.x did many things right, one key element that gave the development lots of headaches was the custom build system based on Gant, inherited from Grails. Given that the Grails team was considering a move away from Gant and possibly embracing Gradle we decided to do the same, but instead of wrapping the build system around Gradle we went with the direct approach: use Gradle (or even Maven) directly. We also took inspiration in Ratpack (support JSR-330 from the core) and enabled Swing and JavaFX as primary UI toolkits from the start. This lead to releasing Griffon 2.0.0 in 2014 (we missed our chance to make it again live on stage at Gr8Conf CPH, but we presented an RC at Gr8Conf US).

And now we're up to version 2.4.0, posted on September 1st (still hot form the oven!), and there are no signs of the team stopping any time soon. We've already got a set of new features ready for 2.5.0 and a few others in the roadmap.

We reiterate our gratitude to all members of the Griffon and Groovy communities. We are excited about the next 7 years, and the adventures to come!

The Griffon team.